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  • Pierce County Convention

    Pierce County Convention will be held May 1st at 1 pm at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom,, Health Education Center,  9401 Farwest Drive SW, Lakewood

    Registration will open at 11:30. Meeting will commence at 1 pm. 
    We are expecting many elected officials and candidates to attend, including Governor Jay Inslee, Senator Patty Murray, Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy, Representative Christine Kilduff, Chief Justice Barbara Madsen and many, many more.
    The proposed rules and agenda can be found here. We will not be electing any delegates at this Convention. This Convention is to address the platform and resolutions submitted at the Precinct and Legislative District Caucuses. Links to the 2016 Proposed Platform and Proposed resolutions are also posted below.
    Please note, there is a fee at registration. the options are: Pierce County Democratic Paid Members: $15, Non-paid Members/Convention participants: $25, Non-paid participants who wish to join: $40 (covers the convention and membership through 2016). Funds will be used to help defray convention costs and support the activities and endorsed candidates in the 2016 election cycle. Payment of this fee shall not be a condition of participation or election.
    We are still in need of volunteers. Please contact and provide your email address AND phone number so we may contact you.